Where can I study to become and environmental scientist?

Environmental science graduates are central to sustainable environmental management in the agricultural, natural resource management, resources and urban planning sectors. Australian Industry and Government regulators in local, state and federal authorities are dependent on our world-class environmental science graduates to ensure current and future developments are sustainable and broadly benefit communities. Similarly, graduates are key team members of public and private sector organisations that are designing innovative solutions for long-term sustainable use of natural resources.

Australia is a world leader in the training of environmental managers and environmental scientists. Many universities are members of significant global alliances giving their students a truly global view and putting Australia at the forefront of world-class research.

Becoming an Environmental Scientist requires specialised training at a tertiary level so entry-level graduate positions typically require an undergraduate degree. This university-level education provides opportunities for aspiring environmental science graduates to choose a pathway that aligns with their interests. Environmental science degrees are offered at Australian universities in all States and Territories and further details can be found by clicking on the links below.