Edith Cowan University

Ge Zhang

Ge has shone in her studies, achieving the highest course-weighted average for students graduating from the BSc Environmental Management in the 2021 calendar year. She achieved high grades across all her units, particularly excelling in units in Environmental Impact Assessment, Marine & Freshwater Processes, Studies in Ecology, Physical Environments and Environmental Management and Sustainability. Her 3rd year project tested the effect of landfill leachate on the germination of seeds and seedling growth. This involved some well designed and carefully conducted experiments, and required much initiative and persistence. Her final report was highly commended by the reviewers (receiving a high distinction)

Flinders University

Enya Chitty

Enya is a truly incredible student. She has always received the highest grades for every topic she has enrolled in, has an immense drive, and has been, and is a phenomenal ambassador for environmental science. Some of her achievements include

  • Current GPA of 7
  • Winner of the John Lewis Prize in Geography in 2020 & 2021 awarded by the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia and presented by the Governor of South Australia
  • Recruited as a tutor in second year of degree for Yunggorendi Mande student academic support program
  • Received the College of Science and Engineering Summer Research Scholarship Award for 2021 to contribute to the project ‘Dynamics of burnt dune systems on Kangaroo Island’
  • Requested by the College of Science and Engineering to transfer to the ‘Enhanced Degree for High Achievers (Honours) Specializing in Coasts and Oceans’ from Semester 2, 2022, despite not meeting [previous] criteria

Australian National University

Ming Hui Choy

The candidate was selected among the students who have graduated from Bachelor of Environment & Sustainability. The candidate completed their Bachelor of Environment & Sustainability with honours in 2021 and has achieve the highest GPA among the students who have graduated from Bachelor of Environment & Sustainability 2021.

University of Queensland

Adelaide Burstow

Adelaide has an outstanding academic record (GPA 6.64) on track for 1st Class Honours and an exemplary service record to the university, students, and industry.
Specifically, Adelaide has: mentored and taught students through PASS (Peer-assisted study sessions) 2020-2022; received the Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence sem 1 & 2 2019 and sem 2 2020; received the Enid Reeves Memorial Prize in 2019 (Awarded by the Head of School); and is contributing directly to the Australian Dairy Sustainability Framework through her honours research.

University of South Australia

Bradley Reynolds

Bradley is in the final year of his Bachelor of Environmental Science, with excellent results across his courses. He enjoys hiking and growing fruits and veggies at home and was motivated to study environmental science because he wants to help develop solutions to feeding the world sustainably whilst also making sure we to protect our precious environments.

University of Southern Queensland

Roslyn Howie

Roslyn completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in 2021. Her thesis explored methods of determining genetic variation in an Australian marsupial, the fat-tailed dunnart Sminthopsis crassicaudata. This work reflects her growing interest in the implications of the loss of genetic diversity in wildlife populations, as habitats fragment and ranges contract under the influence of human encroachment and climate change. Roslyn has since gone on to begin a PhD. Her work will focus on historical patterns of evolution in geographically disparate wildlife populations and examine any correlation between these evolutionary divergence patterns and historical periods of significant climate change.

University of Wollongong

Maaike Hofman

Maaike achieved a first-class honours in 2021, with her conservation research investigating the hollow preference of greater gliders. Her work has contributed greatly to the conservation of this threatened species. Maaike’s research and training was supported by a Holt Estate Environmental Science Scholarship. In 2022, Maaike was selected by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy for its competitive internship program, where graduate students gain valuable field experience in conservation research. Maaike is currently in the process of publishing her honours research on greater gliders in the journal Australian Mammology.

Curtin University of Technology

Austin Guthrie

Austin completed his Bachelor of Advanced Environmental Science (Hons) in 2021, receiving First Class Honours. Encouraged to undertake research and industry experience over his time at university, Austin has conducted projects alongside Kings Park Science, Roy Hill Iron Ore and various research groups within Curtin University. Austin has an ability to convey complex scientific ideas using creative media, evoking curiosity and wonder in an audience. With a passion for innovation and exploration of emerging scientific techniques, Austin aims to investigate and promote the incredible advances helping our environment, and maximise community engagement in conserving our natural world.

Canberra University

Lisa Jokinen

Lisa Jokinen has demonstrated consistent academic excellence throughout her Bachelor of Environmental Science course and has been the recipient of Dean’s Excellence Awards on three separate occasions. Lisa has obtained the highest grade point average among 2021 Environmental Science graduates (GPA 6.67), recording Distinction or High Distinction grades for every environmental unit undertaken, and was the student speaker at her cohort’s graduation ceremony. It is anticipated that Lisa will be a highly valuable contributor to the discipline of environmental science, and is already a member of UC’s upcoming Environmental Science Course Advisory Panel.

Macquarie University University

Samantha Gerrie

Samantha is in her 2nd year studying a bachelor of Environment majoring in Environmental Management and Environmental Biology. Her passion for this field arose from volunteering at Taronga Zoo for three years. Since commencing her degree, she has been included on the Macquarie University Merit List for academic high achievers with a current WAM of 92 (equivalent to a GPA of 7) and has consistently achieved high distinctions with some of the highest marks in biology, statistics and management units. In 2020 she was awarded the Department of Actuarial Studies and Business Analytics Prize in 2020. After my undergraduate degree, I am planning to continue my studies as a postgraduate after gaining some experience in the field – I have a wide interest within the environment sector from research and consulting to ecology, conservation biology and management.