The Australian National University

Brittany Dahl
Brittany Dahl completed a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (Sustainabiity) Advanced (Hons) in 2016 with majors in geography and sustainability science and a minor in archaeology. She represented Australia at the 2015 Youth-Ag Summit, which discussed global food insecurity, and participated in two national parliaments on food security. As an Honours student in the Fenner School of Environment and Society, Brittany applied innovative theoretical and empirical methods to characterise the impact of social attitudes and geography on urban food choices by consumers.

University of South Australia

Michael Dyer
Michael Dyer completed his honours year of the Bachelor of Sustainable Environments with a perfect GPA in 2016. He won a New Colombo Plan scholarship and spent the second semester of his studies in Fiji where he studied the invasion history of the invasive palm, Pinanga coronata, and its impacts on native tree ferns. From this he developed a preliminary management plan for the palm and has submitted his results for publication in a journal.

Curtin University

Jemma Goodliffe
Jemma graduated with Bachelor of Science majoring in Environmental Science. She was one of the top students in her degree achieving excellent results throughout. She received the Jonathan Wade Memorial Medal for outstanding performance in 2015 by a full-time student completing the second year requirements. Jemma was actively involved in university life as treasurer of the Curtin Environment and Agriculture Club (CEAC) and as a mentor to first year students of the Science and Engineering faculty. Jemma is undertaking an Honours degree in 2017.

University of Tasmania

Violet Harrison Day
Violet Harrison-Day graduated with a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours. Her honours research developed explanations for the genesis of unusual sub-alpine ponds near Cradle Mountain and on the Central Plateau in Tasmania. Violet previously completed a double degree: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science with a GPA of 6.42. She was placed on the Dean’s Roll of Excellence for the Faculty of Arts in 2011, 2012 and 2013; the Dean’s Roll of Excellence for the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology in 2013; in 2014 was awarded the Estelle Marguerite Taylor Overseas Exchange Scholarship and the WJ Gerlach Honours Scholarship in Geography for best undergraduate results; and in 2015 the Natural and Environmental Science Honours Scholarship.

Central Queensland University

Paul Humphreys
Paul Humphreys graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Land Management) with Distinction (GPA 6.4). As an electrician, Paul Humphreys had worked in mine sites, refineries, abattoirs and quarries but wondered if “what I was being told regarding these activities being low risk, with minimal impacts was in fact true.” He returned to study Environmental Science at CQ University. During four years of study as a distance student, Paul also took advantage of volunteering opportunities, including assisting in research fieldwork for both seagrass research, and bio-control for prickly acacia. He is the secretary of the Capricorn Conservation Council. He is employed as an Environmental Scientist and would dearly love to undertake post-graduate research in the future.

Queensland University of Technology

Katie Johntson
In 2016 Katie Johnston completed her BSc majoring in Environmental Science, with a second major in Biological Sciences. Katie has an extremely strong academic record and finished with the highest GPA of her graduating class, which was recognised by her invitation to be the Student Representative at Graduation. She is passionate about the environment and hopes to have a positive impact throughout her future career. Outside of the University Katie has a strong community focus, volunteering for several organisations. She plans to continue her education in environmental sciences through postgraduate study at QUT.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Samantha le May

University of Queensland

Rosie O’Neill – UQ
Rosie graduated from our Bachelor of Environmental Management program with honours. Her academic performance has been outstanding. She has been involved in a number of student leadership positions and has been engaged with internships and work experience for a number of firms in Brisbane.

University of Melbourne

Christina Rosato
Christina graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Environmental Science) achieving the top grades in the major subjects. She achieved high marks across a range of environmental science subjects including in plant science, environmental chemistry, soil science and marine environments. As part of her degree, Christina undertook an internship at the Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research in Heidelberg, where she studied freshwater fish ecology. Christina also had the opportunity to study electives in management and leadership at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy after receiving a Melbourne Global Scholars Award to undertake a semester of study overseas.

Swinburne University of Technology

Luke Sawyer
Luke is the top graduate from the Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) course and achieved high distinction grades for the subjects “Built and Sustainable Communities”, “Research Skills in Science”, “Communication for Scientists” and “Research Project in Environmental Science”. The effect of climate change on polar ice and its consequences on polar bear survival and breeding was the focus of his research project.

Charles Sturt University

Lewis Tinley

University of Sydney

Amelie Vanderstock
Amelie Vanderstock has had an outstanding undergraduate career pursuing an extraordinarily diverse range of subjects. She received the highly prestigious, University Medal for her Honours year, and topped her year in several science and humanities subjects during studies. Her Honours research was an extremely demanding project examining a wide range of questions assessing how coal dust deposition affected ecological interactions.This project required that she reconcile field and laboratory work blending technical skills in chemistry, experimental ecology and glasshouse experiments to produce a genuinely innovative piece of work.
She was also the recipient of the Elliot prize for the best honours thesis in Biological Sciences stream ranking first of 32 theses submitted in 2016.

Edith Cowan University

Evan Webb
Evan graduated from the Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management) in 2016 with a very high course average of 86%, having excelled in all of the endeavors scheduled for the degree, and more. He was awarded a prestigious scholarship as the 2016 New Colombo Plan Fellow to Vietnam where his highly developed interpersonal skills meant that he represented ECU and Australia creditably. He has the rare ability to comprehend sophisticated concepts and confidently apply them to real-world situations.

University of New England

Sean Wolfson

Sean Wolfson completed his Bachelor of Environmental Science in 2016 with a 6.7 GPA. He is currently working part-time in the field as an environmental consultant specialising in air quality management. Also, he has recently been engaged by the Sydney Botanical Gardens to assist in research for their public exhibitions.